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Vials Filling and Sealing Machine

Nowadays, more and more pharmaceutical companies are seeking filling and sealing equipment that provides a high level of automation, realizes sterile production and meets the latest GMP requirements. This is why we invest heavily in developing KGF12/6 vials filling and sealing machine. This new machine offers an improved structure and overcomes many defects of conventional equipment.

Main Characteristics
1. The vials filling and sealing machine adopts servo drive, which ensures high running accuracy and automatic adjustment. Different product shifting is program controlled.
2. It doesn't need lubricant maintenance, helping avoid cross contamination.
3. The filling and sealing equipment is equipped with airborne microbe and dust particle detection device, which is precise and has auto data saving, ongoing data acquisition, automatic alarming and shutdown functions. In addition, it is fitted with RABS isolation device, weighing device and defective products removing device. Moreover, the rubber stopper uses α valve and β valve sterile docking device, which can realize the separation of medicine filling and manual operation, thus greatly reducing pollution and operation risks.
4. The machine can be combined with our CLQ ultrasonic vial cleaner, RSM sterilizing dryer, FG capping machine and other equipment to form a new automatic vial washing, drying, filling and sealing line.

FE Pharmatech is a professional vials filling and sealing machine manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide variety of products, including carton elevator, bottle capping machine, vial capping machine and much more.

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